Monday, December 18, 2006

The file


Vicki M. Taylor said...

I keep a rejection file too. It's too depressing to go back through it. It's kind of like a black hole of rejection letters. I also keep all the e-mail rejections. Although, I don't print them out. That would be more then depressing.

Thanks for the grin.

Schuyler Thorpe said...

I had a bunch of rejection letters too. But they became nesting material for one of our mice after he somehow--and mysteriously--ESCAPED from his cage a couple years ago.

We don't call him HOUDINI for nothing.

I still have a few left. But it's no real big loss. All I know is I had about 100 rejections over the course of five years, and I have an e-file and a page on my newsletter where I posted my recent rejections from a couple years ago.

But I stopped sending out submissions because I simply detest the mainstream for a number of reasons. But mostly because my work simply doesn't follow mainstream rules.

And I don't relish the thought of throwing away the money I can't spare for another round of "Chasing the Idiot Savant."

And BTW: My newsletter has an iconic jabline. It says: "Fighting mainstream tyranny--one publisher at a time."

Go figure. :0)

~d said...

(I am thinking bon fire...)

PDD said...

I have a rejection file also, although mine is less organized than yours.

Anonymous said...


PDD said...

I seriously do not understand these 3 by 5 rejection notices. Or that horizontally long rejection "letter" you got. Why? Are they trying to be funny, to escape the dullness of their lives?

Please, Erin, explain this kind of shit to me.

By the way, I can't stop watching you on youtube. I keep coming back, and watching and watching. Hahahahahah.

Fuck em Erin, you are a terrific writer, and I don't just say that because I know you through a blog. I think you are fantastic, and I tell everyone I can possibly tell, about you.

I just wish i can shop on line. I want to buy your book for many people. I am in the process of discussing this with my husband. We can spend aprox. $100.00. And I know a few people who would enjoy your book Harvey & Eck. I am going to lend the copy that you gave me to an agent I work for, however, I want to buy him a copy also.

I seriously love you Erin. Better than sliced bread.