Saturday, December 16, 2006

No thanks


Schuyler Thorpe said...

That's just GREAT! LOL

I usually got the generic "we aren't taking fiction at this time"-type rejection letters.

Nothing in the class of letters you've gotten.

But recently, one agent rejection (e-mail) was filled with pet peeve rants over one of my finished works.

Just remember, Erin: You can't please everyone all the time.

If your work is commendable, readable, and ENJOYABLE by other people, writers, readers, and so on, but equally "distasteful" by the mainstream, then you have something which they positively HATE, and can't make a killing off of.

Jen said...

While I do not and -- truthfully -- can not disagree with your perspective, my initial thought was/is, "It's a handwritten note! You're up on one of the higher tiers so that's good" -- well... as good as a rejection can be anyway.

~d said...

You are an amazing person, Erin.
Good for you to tell her where she can go.

PDD said...

Wow!! I have never heard any such rejections before. I am sure this woman is just pissed off that her husband left her once again.

No worries Erin. I can't imagine you writing anything "ghastly" or "dull". This person is clearly a nimrod. You wouldn't even want to bother with her. The good thing to these nimrods is that you know you don't want to work with them.

Trust me, I know about writing query letters and rejection letters. They always inspire me to write more.

Keep going!!

Dean said...

I have me a few rejections. I can't say anybody has ever been as outright mean to me as that.

Thanks, Erin. I'm going to remember this rejection letter of yours. I'm going to remember it because, having read a bit of your writing now, I know that you didn't write anything that could be objectively described as 'ghastly' by any reasonable person. And thus when I do get a nasty rejection (which I am sure to do at some point) I will remember this one, and that not all rejections are rational.

femmme said...

youre good